2014: A New Year and Why I want to Teach Photography

I know we all create resolutions, goals, plans, hopes, dreams, and I definitely have my share of all those. When looking back on 2014 I know I will be a long way from where I am now. I also know that it will not be without difficult decision making and sacrifice. I’ve never been one to shy away from change or challenge….so lets raise a glass to making the best decisions and sacrifices this year.

Officially adding “Educator” to my resume is something quite exciting. I know some photographers just rolled their eyes: “Just want the photography community needs: another workshop.” I want to roll my eyes too. Both my mother and father (heck, even my stepmother) were teachers. I vowed I’d never be one. But I guess, never say never? So, why do I want to teach? This is where I’m suppose to say teaching is a passion, I love seeing peoples eyes light up when they “get it.” Well, that’s just a lie (though I’m a Mom, and I absolutely love the sparkle in the eyes of my sweet boy when he’s trying something new, so I get it). I don’t love teaching. I never wanted to teach. But I do love photography. And even bigger than that, I love photographers. They are my favorite people. They understand the obsession of chasing light. Stopping in your tracks to stare at something nobody else sees. They are small business owners. Always improving. Always moving forward. Passionate, obsessive (or is that just me?) dreamers that want to love the life they live and love the work that sustains it. I could literally talk about photography every moment of every day (just ask my non-photographer husband *wink*wink*). Being able to be surrounded by photographers, improving our craft (and definitely in the water…any water…anywhere) is like a day at Disneyland for most (without the long, long, looooooooong lines).

I’ve had countless emails regarding workshops, questions, tips, anything that would improve your water-centric photography. I’ve coached individuals, spoken at a class or two, but 2014 is the year I produce workshops that will be fulfilling. Not just for you, but for me too. As someone that is a visual learner (I always appreciate the devices that have a drawing of what way the battery is suppose to be placed inside), it’s hard for me to be able to write a few sentences or paragraphs that will answer a so many questions that have so much depth.  I’ll never be that photographer that teaches Camera 101: this is how you turn your camera on. It’s just not something I would excel at. Nor will I ever teach spelling, my dyslexia will only further the terrible spellers of the world.;) My teaching will always be creative, will always be pushing the boundaries, and, without a doubt, always include water. What can I say, I can’t help myself.;)

One last thing. While cleaning out my RAW files for the new year, I came across this image. It made me remember how much I love photographing above water as well. I plan to do more of it.

water boudoir underwater fashion photographer jenn bischof photography


I hope your year is off to a wonderful start. One foot in front of the other…we’ll get where we want to go.

Alyssa Campbell -

Can’t wait for more workshop info! I haven’t found any underwater portrait workshops or much info at all so I am very interested. I am particularly interested in lighting. Keep us updated!

Jennifer Bischof -

You’re so right Alyssa! There really isn’t much out there. That probably why I get so many questions. :) I think lighting makes or breaks an image, and underwater it’s DEFINITELY all about how you use light. :) So it’s definitely gonna be a major focus.

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