Because Frozen Wasn’t Over Done

Incase you were wondering, the font style I used for the title of this blog, it’s sarcasm.;)I was late to the Frozen phenomenon. Mainly because I like to rebel against the overly popular [insert anything]. But gosh darn it, no one can resist Disney. No one. After hearing about Elsa this and Elsa that and Let it Go…Let it Go…and no one would Let it Go, I was shocked that Elsa had a sister and that her sister has more screen time than the ice princess herself. Darn those first born siblings <shake fist> (says the middle child). Anyways, enough of that. I actually thought the movie was pretty great…it’s no Beauty and the Beast, my childhood favorite.:)

A few weeks ago a model came over to my home to be a test subject for some new lighting set ups. My four year old son took to her quickly (as he does any pretty girl that’s willing to talk to him/tolerate him). I let him jump in the pool while I finalized some strobes. The model, Kirsty, swung him around in the water and watched him “swim wall to wall” (an accomplishment he’s particularly proud of). After she left, he told me she reminded him of the girl from Frozen and that I need to make him a Frozen picture. His big brown eyes and sweet little “peaze” (his mouth doesn’t like the letter “l” or “s”) are irresistible. So I accommodated his imagination.

For a being so young, he sure was a rough critic with a lot of feedback. I see him being a feared art director in his distant future. Hopefully  he’ll throw his mom a job every now and then.;)After multiple revisions, I finally got the nod of approval for my take on Elsa, underwater.

underwater fashion photographer jenn bischof  disney frozen elsa

Though it’s not as refined as my normal photos, my little boy is quite enamored by it…which was the entire point of creating this. What have you created lately for yourself or a loved one? You haven’t recently? Then I’d like to suggest you do something that will feed your soul, even if it doesn’t feed your bank account.:)

On a completely unrelated note, I want to give a huge shout out to Wacom for sending me a gift in the mail. Surprise packages that end up on your door step are so wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I always say I could be a monk if it wasn’t for Apple, Nikon, Wacom and Adobe. I may have to add Ikelite to that list. I hate that the list keeps growing, but I suppose it is inevitable. Good thing being a monk isn’t something I aspire to.

I’d love to see some personal project you have going on, if you’d like to share in the comments below.



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