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2014: A New Year and Why I want to Teach Photography

I know we all create resolutions, goals, plans, hopes, dreams, and I definitely have my share of all those. When looking back on 2014 I know I will be a long way from where I am now. I also know that it will not be without difficult decision making and sacrifice. I’ve never been one […]

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Alyssa Campbell -

Can’t wait for more workshop info! I haven’t found any underwater portrait workshops or much info at all so I am very interested. I am particularly interested in lighting. Keep us updated!

Jennifer Bischof -

You’re so right Alyssa! There really isn’t much out there. That probably why I get so many questions. :) I think lighting makes or breaks an image, and underwater it’s DEFINITELY all about how you use light. :) So it’s definitely gonna be a major focus.

Christmas Giveaway

Spreading a little extra cheer this Christmas. I love this time of year. Like L-O-V-E, love this time of year. I loathe shopping (I’m sure I just lost half my readers right there), but I actually enjoy shopping and meeting strangers this time of year just to tell them “Merry Christmas!!!” Slightly cheesy, I know. […]

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Renee Hute-Kaminski -

Uhm Can we PAY him to make us some??? -Really!

Shanna Rae -

oh my goodness! you are so sweet and amazing! I would love to win one of these beautiful creations!! You are so talented and I absolutely love your photography work! Your talent and family is such an inspiration to me! Merry Christmas Jenn! You are a blessing in its self! xoxoxo

Natalia Bishop -

meeeeeee!! Pick meee!! hahah :)

Katrina Miller -

LOVE these! And I’ll probably need to buy some at some point! ;)

Jeremy Ellsworth -

You should start selling these no matter what. :)

Dan DeForrest -

fantastic stuff!

Life is More Beautiful as a Photographer

Yeah, I said it. There’s no scientific proof. I didn’t take a poll (though considering most of my Facebook friends are photographers, I think we all know which way that poll would go *wink*wink*). And as subjective as art is, so are opinions, but let me defend my statement.   This post started in my […]

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How the Magic Happens | Underwater Conceptual Photography

A week ago I was part of a portfolio walk through (a public event filled with photographers showing off their work to…you guessed it…the public). I think what people found the most fascinating about my work, is the story of how I created it. Particularly the girl on the swing. So I figured I’d start […]

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Jennifer Bischof -

P.S. That reflection in the upper right hand corner is my husband’s reflection. I just didn’t have the heart to edit him out. He did all the heavy lifting. Of course, for the final print, I did…but he definitely deserves to be present in the online version. :)

Ashley Daniell -

This is just crazy good. I don’t even know where to begin! Amaze-balls! I think you should do a before and after photo like this for all of your work!

Lindsay Kaye Arbach -


Chelsea Patricia -

Dang, dang, dang, dang!

Melanie Maczuga -

I’m speachless, this is soo beautiful!

Alyssa Campbell -

Love the breakdown! It’s so creative how you got this to look! I love the juxtaposition of how fluid and graceful underwater photos look when in reality they are extremely difficult to create. Lovely result :) I’d love to see more of these!

Destiny Nicole Towery -

This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing♡

Jocelyn N Buford Balignot -

Thank you so much for sharing! Absolutely beautiful! And you are so blessed to have found someone who speaks your native “Jenn” and is willing to help you achieve your vision :)

Katrina Miller -

You are amazing. Period.

Reece Miller -

Love the behind the scene! You’re awesome Jenn :)

Miriam Cortez -

AmAzInG work! You are so good at what you do!

Stephen Vosloo -

this is so many levels of awesome Jen!

Debi Buck -


Christmas Giveaway » underwater fashion photographer | jenn bischof | san diego photographer -

[…] the wall. Their perfect. My husband seriously came through this time (and you all saw him in the behind the scenes post, what can I say, I married well). It is hands down the number one thing people ask me about (when […]

Social Media – Not My Strength

…something I have a love/hate relationship with. I’m sure many, many photographers people can relate. Let’s start with the love (and we’ll probably end with the love as well, because that’s how I roll). As a mother to little ones and a photographer, day-to-day life can be kept quite small. Small in a good way. […]

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