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Know Your Sh*t

Know it. It’s always nice to have this picture perfect studio set up where everything works perfectly, all the stars align and you create exactly what you were meant to produce. Well, fairytales were invented for Disney to make a pile of money.  Okay, I’m not that pessimistic, but you get my point.  You don’t […]

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Ivona Kaczmarek-Dixon -

You’re amazing, and that’s absolutely true! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek into this accomplishment of yours!!!! I’m so happy for you, Jenn!

Because Frozen Wasn’t Over Done

Incase you were wondering, the font style I used for the title of this blog, it’s sarcasm. I was late to the Frozen phenomenon. Mainly because I like to rebel against the overly popular [insert anything]. But gosh darn it, no one can resist Disney. No one. After hearing about Elsa this and Elsa that […]

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Underwater Fashion Photographer: Where I Dwell

…okay, maybe I don’t physically dwell here, but my heart is here (along with my imagination), always. Where two worlds meet. Always flirting with the boundary (I kinda have a compulsion with flirting with boundaries…creating new ones or eliminating them all together ). Where two worlds meet. Vastly different, equally as beautiful. In the world, […]

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Chelsea Patricia -

My mercy!

2014: A New Year and Why I want to Teach Photography

I know we all create resolutions, goals, plans, hopes, dreams, and I definitely have my share of all those. When looking back on 2014 I know I will be a long way from where I am now. I also know that it will not be without difficult decision making and sacrifice. I’ve never been one […]

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Alyssa Campbell -

Can’t wait for more workshop info! I haven’t found any underwater portrait workshops or much info at all so I am very interested. I am particularly interested in lighting. Keep us updated!

Jennifer Bischof -

You’re so right Alyssa! There really isn’t much out there. That probably why I get so many questions. :) I think lighting makes or breaks an image, and underwater it’s DEFINITELY all about how you use light. :) So it’s definitely gonna be a major focus.

The World of Photoshop

I think I’ve now been under the grip of Adobe Photoshop for a month. And all my fears BP (before photoshop) were validated. I knew that the vast possibilities would swallow up my soul and never let me escape. Dramatic? Possibly (read definitely). True? Very, very true.   It took me a great while to […]

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M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o