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Underwater Fashion Photographer: Shark Week Edition

I admit it, I watch Shark Week. I love sharks, they’re incredible creatures, but if there was a dolphin week, it would take the cake. I’ve  had a love affair with the ocean my entire life. I had big dreams of being a marine biologist when I was little. Now I know I should have […]

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Underwater Fashion Photography | Sun Flair

  Sun flare and underwater photography: definitely a good combo. Sun and water is always a good combo. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter. Which reminds me I need to go workout. My latest favorite workout is pool running. We use to do it for cross country training (back in high school) in the summer. […]

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Underwater Fashion Photography is a Glamorous Job

Underwater photography is a glamorous job. Oh yes, that’s me in all my glory. What you don’t see is my saggy maternity swimsuit; you’re (very) welcome. Photography has always been a full contact sport for me. I’ve always been boggled when lovely women wedding photographers post their chic wedding day outfits: heels and a dress. […]

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Underwater Fashion Photographer | Fine Art – San Diego

My husband and I just finished watching the Adjustment Bureau last night. I say finish, because it took us a few evenings to watch. When you have a baby going through a growth spurt, you tend not to stay up much past the kid’s bedtime. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie, Matt Damon […]

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Alicia Evans -

I’ve been following your photo postings on Facebook and I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are! Your art is truly beautiful and you are definitely blessed with a special talent! Thank you for sharing!

Brienne Michelle -

Love. Absolutely LOVE.

Ivona Kaczmarek-Dixon -

Soooo amazing! The world (and my world) is better with you in it! (I sound so creepy.)

Underwater Fashion Photography | New Heights

Well, maybe I should say new depths (*wink*wink*). Better get use to my cheesy jokes now, they only get worse. Earlier today I tweeted: “Stepping out of your comfort zone is exhilarating.” I was referring to creating new art, trying something completely different. My heart pounding a little harder as I add each new layer, […]

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