Christmas Giveaway

Spreading a little extra cheer this Christmas. I love this time of year. Like L-O-V-E, love this time of year. I loathe shopping (I’m sure I just lost half my readers right there), but I actually enjoy shopping and meeting strangers this time of year just to tell them “Merry Christmas!!!” Slightly cheesy, I know. But seriously, how can you not smile when you’re surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights? But I digress.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to give away. I know everyone loves Starbucks, but since I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life (and there goes the rest of my readers), I figured that might not be something I could wax poetic about. I had decided not to do a giveaway until I was redesigning my living room wall gallery and it hit me, it was so obvious: a picture frame. But let me back up a little.

It started, as most things start, just a design in my head. Something I thought would look great on my walls. My husband usually reigns back my ideas into reality (I do tend to need some serious reality checks), I try to find a solution to bring my concepts to life in a roundabout, lets say creative (not very practical) way. We usually counter and settle on something that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics, but is still entirely possible in this three dimensional world.;)

This was the result:

jenn bischof underwater fashion photographer san diego photography

That’s Gavin, he thinks he makes every photo more interesting, he’s usually right.

Behind the topless Santa are the frames. They are our small frames. Twelve inches by twelve inches housing eight by eight prints. Would I like them to be 12 x 12 prints in a 16 x 16 inch frame? Yes, but I live in San Diego and in this case, bigger isn’t better,  it’s just cramped. Nothing looks good when it’s trying to hard.

Each frame is hand cut, polished and drilled. There are four aluminum posts, one in each corner, that allow the frame to be floating an inch off the wall. They’re perfect. My husband seriously came through this time (and you all saw him in the behind the scenes post, what can I say, I married well). It is hands down the number one thing people ask me about (when it comes to our interior design), heck, we’ve even sold a few dozen. And that’s why I thought it would be a perfect Christmas present. It’s clean lines look just as beautiful in a modern/contemporary home, as they do in a vintage/lived in home. It’s a true statement piece and it’s the perfect presentation for your latest family photo.


The winner gets to choose between a 26 x 26 in frame,(holds 20×20 inch photo) (a personal favorite of mine) or a 22 x 30 in frame (holds 16×24 inch print).

contemporary picture frame jenn bischof photographer

Photography credit for that sweet little girl goes to the incredible Laurie Sachs Photography.

If you’d like to enter, it’s super, duper easy. First, head on over to my Facebook Page. If you don’t already like it (shame on you), like it, and then like and share today’s photo so your friends can get on in the action as well. If you’d like to have a second entry, just head on over to my instagram account ( @jenn_bischof ), follow me and like and re-gram todays photo with the hashtag #jennbischofgiveaway2013 (yeah, it’s long). Each day I will be posting a new photo for you to share (all festive in nature, for your viewing pleasure). Each day you can earn up to two entries. Winner will be randomly chosen on Christmas day.

A very, merry Christmas to you and yours.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Rules and Disclaimers

- Only two entries a day (one via Facebook and one via Instagram)

- This is a giveaway in the spirit of Christmas, and negativity will not be tolerated and will immediate disqualify you.:)

- All frames are hand made so exact specifications are subject to to a slight discrepancy.

- Each frame is custom order. Once the winner is chosen, production of the product will start after January 1st, 2014.

- And I just got a go head to accept mailing dressing from the United States and Canada!:)

Renee Hute-Kaminski -

Uhm Can we PAY him to make us some??? -Really!

Shanna Rae -

oh my goodness! you are so sweet and amazing! I would love to win one of these beautiful creations!! You are so talented and I absolutely love your photography work! Your talent and family is such an inspiration to me! Merry Christmas Jenn! You are a blessing in its self! xoxoxo

Natalia Bishop -

meeeeeee!! Pick meee!! hahah :)

Katrina Miller -

LOVE these! And I’ll probably need to buy some at some point! ;)

Jeremy Ellsworth -

You should start selling these no matter what. :)

Dan DeForrest -

fantastic stuff!

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