It’s Not for Everyone

Being a dreamer, an artist, an entrepreneur is not for everyone. The sacrifices, the unknown, the long (unpaid) hours. The drive behind your passion has to be greater than how good your day is today; it’s about how good your tomorrow can will be.  This subject came up when I received a comment on an Instagram images I posted earlier this year, well, earlier last year. For those that don’t know, Instagram is my vice. It is by far my favorite social media (though I do cherish some of my Facebook groups). It should be fairly obvious…you communicate through photos. That pretty much can sum me up. Back to the comment. This was the photo:underwater commercial photographer instagram jenn bischof

The comment that was left reads: “It’s not diving fearlessly into the depths, its coming back up;)…awesome pictures”

Without any hesitation, I knew a few things about this poster.

1. He was kind enough to go through my entire feed in my waterwatereverywhere account (this is the third photo I ever posted).

2. He doesn’t get it. Either he’s an 8:00-5:00er or just hasn’t realized he wants something more.

3. Clearly he appreciate great iphoneography.;)

The point he was missing: when you believe in something, want something, have to have something, you do not worry about an exit plan. If your calling is at the bottom of the ocean, then you will get there, somehow. I’m not saying you can just jump in without knowing how to swim. There’s an exorbitant amout you have to figure out, but if it’s what you want for your life, for the lives of the ones that love and depend on you, there’s no obstacle you are unwilling to face to get there. Pride goes out the window. If working part time at Taco Bell would allow me to pursue my passion, I would not hesitate to fill out an application.

I’m not saying everyone should quit their jobs and pursue their favorite activity. I am so incredibly thankful for the people in this world that do not care how they spend the majority of their lives, or better yet, take pride in the mundane motions they have to run through day after day. Some of my favorite jobs had little to do with the actual activity I was doing, and more about the people surrounding me and all of our attitudes.

I count myself fortunate that most of the friends I’ve made are also photographers. They have the same mind set as I do. Their drive is the same as mine. I know some photographers that left six figure salary incomes to struggle to make ends meet being a photographer. Money may be a necessity, but it is not how I quantify my happiness, self worth, or success. Everyone should ask themselves: Who do I want to be? A question with a harder,more honest answer, for me: “Am I living by example?”

Here’s to another year of figuring out what is most important to you and going after it.


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