Underwater Fashion Photographer: Resort Wear

Even though we’re well into Fall, here in Florida, it still feels like summer. You’ll never hear an underwater fashion photographer complaining about weather being hotter than it’s suppose to be, well, at least not this one. I welcome the heat. It keeps me in an underwater state of mind…and takes me back to shooting some resort wear underwater. Never have I seen fabric move so fluidly underwater.


underwater fashion photographer jenn bischof


I’ve been awful about blogging lately, and as I mentioned in a few posts ago, it’s because I focus on Instagram. It may rival (okay, not really) my obsession with water, underwater, all things water. So…those closes I can get to promising a regular steam of content from me, is to jump over to Instagram (c’mon, you know you love it over there anyways), and follow me: @jennbischofunderwater fashion photographer jenn bischof

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