Underwater Fashion Photographer: Where I Dwell

…okay, maybe I don’t physically dwell here, but my heart is here (along with my imagination), always. Where two worlds meet. Always flirting with the boundary (I kinda have a compulsion with flirting with boundaries…creating new ones or eliminating them all together;)). Where two worlds meet. Vastly different, equally as beautiful. In the world, but not of it. A slow surrender to my surroundings. Enveloped in the comfort of the rhythmic beckoning of the ocean’s tide. My home away from home.




You know what draws me to underwater photography? Besides the obvious (aka my life long obsession with water), the fantasy of it all. From a photographer who believed great photography was captured in camera (I still believe this, that’s why I’m drawn towards iPhone-ography as of late, keep the equipment simple and use your creativity…you can follow me on Instagram here and here), underwater photography and fantasy are a far cry from the “pure form” of the art. Creating in a world I cannot survive in, as a human, is a remarkable thing. It invigorates me. Challenges me. Motivates me to become the best version of myself (as a photographer). If I’m being completely honest, the bar for underwater photography is pretty low. People are so captivated by the magic of it all, that the actual photograph can slide by unscathed by critique. Most underwater photography (in my humble opinion) have such flat lighting. Getting your light source off axis requires time, dedication, patience and some serious effort. Something I think is more than worthy of it all. You bring a photograph with on-camera lighting up out of the water and you’d be crucified. I’ve never been one to like a double standard, even if it is my favor.;)


To becoming better photographers and artist.


Happy hump day!


Chelsea Patricia -

My mercy!

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